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Hi, I’m Camille.

And this is the behind-the-scenes of how I went from teaching Greek & Roman Literature to becoming an international wedding photographer based in the Pacific Northwest. 

In 2011, after 10 years of studying Classical Greek (and its History, Art, Philosophy, and Literature), I made a big change in my life.

That May, I turned down the acceptance letter for continuing on to get my PhD in the Classics and, instead, accepted an invitation to launch an AP American History program in Beijing, China. I had the itch to travel, to move, to expand the walls of my life beyond the Library. Teaching abroad was the perfect mixture of my love for History and my desire to travel the world.

This ranks as the TOP MOST AMAZING / CRAZY DECISIONS I EVER MADE. It was also the BEST decision I ever made. Moving to Beijing changed the trajectory of my life & I discovered a side of me I never knew existed: A passion to create beautiful art.Cambodia Destination Wedding Photographers

Within weeks of arriving in China, I joined an international group in Beijing called “The Hutong.”

The Hutong is this amazing group of ex-pats who teach cooking classes, show films, & even go on 14-day bicycle rides through China’s tea farms every year. It’s an amazing group; it was here that I discovered photography.

I taught American History during the week, and on the weekends I packed my camera, hopped on the metro, & made the hour-long trek to The Hutong. Immediately, I began integrating my study of Renaissance art with my newfound passion for photography. To say the least, I had fallen in love very quickly.Siem Reap Destination Wedding PhotographersAfter leaving Beijing, my (AMAZING!!) husband and I traveled Asia and Europe for a year. This is me ^^^ standing in the clay streets of Cambodia — one of the most magical, phenomenal places in Asia.

We spent weeks — sometimes months — in places like Japan, Thailand, Australia, Greece, Italy, France, Scotland, Ireland, and England.

I studied French in Paris; photography in Scotland; & cooking in Italy. The streets of Paris & the buildings of Rome were my training ground. In these days & hours & rainy streets I mastered my technique, established my style, & grew inspired by the rich history around me.

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When I returned to the States to begin my MA in English & American Literature, a good friend asked me to shoot his wedding.

We’d known each other since he had long hair & I drove a 1976 Toyota Corolla. I jumped at the chance to shoot his wedding. And the rest (as they say) is history.

In 2015, we launched into international destination wedding photography. We couldn’t be more proud–or more excited–to see where this journey has taken us.

It took me YEARS to discover my passion. At times, I didn’t even know if I believed I had any passion left in me. But through years of risk–and an unimaginable capacity to face my fears–I have discovered the journey I want to be on.

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Now that you know a little about me, let’s connect!I’m @MILLASCROSSING on Instagram. I post almost every day & talk about coffee, good books,life, travel, & relationships.
And hop on over to my CONTACT ME page. Send me an email. Let me know who you are, what you love, & what you want from your wedding photography.
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