Camille Stallings

I believe that beauty is in everything.

Especially in a cappuccino at 6:00 am, before the rest of the world is awake.

And all you hear is the whirring of the espresso machine & all you smell is that rich, delicious scent of freshly pulled espresso.

Camille Stallings Coffee

I believe that true companionship is the best thing life has to offer.

And that’s why I hang out with my husband all the time. He’s selfless, loving, & adventurous.

Even though he doesn’t like coffee at all, he happily comes along with me to coffee shops to read books & talk about life (which is my MOST FAVORITE ACTIVITY EVER!).


The most important thing I own is my passport.

It represents freedom, adventure, & a willingness to try new things.

Plus, there’s just so much of the world left to see & experience.


And I believe that good books make for a great life.

What are you reading? I’d love to know.

Camille Stallings Photography


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I talk about coffee, books, life, travel, & relationships.

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