Every so often I’ll be caught off guard by a staggering thought. You know, the kind of thought that makes you stop whatever it is that you’re doing and be totally, 100% in the moment.

I had that kind of thought last week. Justin and I were on the Ferry making our way from Seattle to Bainbridge Island. We were headed out for the afternoon to meet our clients (and new friends!), Tamara and Eric, for their Fay Bainbridge Park Engagement Session (<— if you haven’t seen their session yet, go to the blog post to see their pictures!!).

So there I was, on the Ferry with the wind whipping through my hair and the rain hitting my shoulders when a thought popped into my head: I am so content.
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The reason I’m talking about this is because this never runs through my mind. Ever. I’m always on the go; I constantly hop from one state to another (or from one continent to another!); and I’m always gearing up to do the next big thing.

But not last week. Last week, I realized that I have everything I need to be content right now: a loving husband who is supportive and kind, new clients to work with, and living life in an amazing city. It was such a staggering moment that I just leaned into it and fully basked in the feeling of being content.

After our Ferry ride was over, I got into the “zone” and began planning out Tamara and Eric’s engagement session. Quickly, the thought was gone and the feeling of contentedness felt like a fading memory already.

But the point is: I had it. And if I had it once, I could have it again. I can feel that the tides in my life are shifting. And I’m loving it. I am embracing the “now” and the present moment more and more. And as a result, I more often look around and feel incredibly grateful for every wonderful person and event in my life.

May we go forth and live our lives straight from the heart. Onward.

Camille Stallings




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