In my twenties, I was certain that a PhD in Greek and Latin was in my near future. I studied day and night; I translated Plato; and I spent endless hours reading about Greek History. For fun.

Now, I run my own photography business and it’s the most exhilarating venture I’ve ever been on. Before now, I never imagined I would call myself an entrepreneur. But here I am. I’m doing it. And I’m loving it.

Jasmine Star

People often ask me how I’ve done it. How did I transition from teaching History and Literature to running my own photography business?

I always say the same thing: the habits that enabled me to translate Greek are the same that empower me to run my own business: a lot of hard work and a ton of passion. As for my business, I practice my photography daily and I hustle with everything I’ve got. But there’s something more: Yes, I’ve got to hustle like there’s no tomorrow. But most importantly, I’ve got to hustle smart. 

Path to Profitability

This past weekend, I joined an amazing (and passionate!) group of creative entrepreneurs in LA for Jasmine Star’s business summit, Path to Profitability. First thing in the morning, we mingled around the coffee station, chatting and eating doughnuts (YES!! There were doughnuts!) The coffee was delicious, the music was pumping through the speakers, and everyone was excited to be a part of Jasmine Star’s intensive course in creative entrepreneurship.

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The best advice I could give anyone just starting out is to attend a business summit like Path to Profitability. Go to conferences. Meet new people. Make life-long friends. The entrepreneurship community is powerful, artistic, and inspiring. Pick a few conferences to attend each year and sharpen both your photography skills and your business knowledge.

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I’m honored to be a part of such an inspiring and incredible event! I’ve pinched myself more than once to remind myself that it was real. Jasmine Star is an inspiring mentor and a talented teacher. Path to Profitability is the most valuable conference on business education I’ve attended! My only lingering question is . . . when is the next one??!!

A big “Thank you!!” to the entire Jasmine Star team: Jasmine Star, JD Delatorre, Brianna Glenn, & Tami Paige. You all are amazing. Inspiring. Unique. Genuine. And now . . . I know I can call you all mentors as well as friends. Thank you for making all of us smarter, more inspired business owners.

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