Marriage is a funny thing. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s a powerful force of love and commitment and endless joy.

And if we think about it too much, it’s the single most terrifying thing we’ll ever do.

Yet, the way in which it’s the scariest is also the way in which it’s the most beautiful. This point of convergence is the vulnerability that comes with sharing a life with someone.

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At first, we all begin with the same pretenses. We mind our manners. We decorate our living rooms as politely as possible. We strive for perfection. We hide our flaws. We schedule coffee dates, brunches, dinners, hikes, and lazy mornings together. We show our best selves. We avoid tough conversations. You know, that sort of thing.

And then real life hits and his real character emerges. Not the scheduling-awesome-dates guy. Not the romancing-you-and-wooing-you guy. But the real guy. The stuff that makes him him and not that other guy. And the stuff that makes you you and not that other lady. Of admitting your own weaknesses and then seeing your partner open his arms without judgment and let you in. That’s when you know the transition has happened from pretense to real life.

Last month, my website crashed. And I don’t mean that it “got a little slow” or “some things went missing.” I mean, totally, 100% crashed. We were told that all my content would simply . . . vanish.

Our webhost offered no real explanation, other than “Sorry – there was a coding bug we didn’t anticipate in our software update . . .”

No offer to help. No refund. They just dumped a big, huge problem in our laps and walked away, making their mistake our problem.

My webhost, in other words, is not marriage material.

Friends, my husband spent nearly 48 hours working behind-the-scenes to save my content, transfer it to some mysterious cloud-like-thing in the Inter-verse, and then create a new website for me.

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He got up at 1:00 in the morning to do the transfer. He fixed my website all through the night and then went to his real job without getting any sleep. He never complained. He worked hard. He brought it back to life and made it perfect.

Friends, my husband is the real power behind this business.

I’ve always felt that my photography studio is The Little Engine That Could. How it ever grew successful is a mysterious blend of magic, faith, and hard work.

But, really, it could never be what it is without my husband. He’s my cheerleader when I’ve lost faith. He’s my IT guy when I’ve lost my website. He’s my second shooter when I need someone to set up lights, bring me water, and shoot the groom while I shoot the bride. And most importantly, he’s the guy who believed in me before I believed in myself. He’s why I started this business in the first place.

And that – that’s the real stuff of marriage. That’s beyond the brunches and cocktail hours. That’s the stuff that creates a real, beautiful, and meaningful life together.

I am endlessly grateful for this life, for this partner, and for this business. All three are some mysterious blend of magic, faith, and hard work.

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