You know that dream you have?

The one you find yourself thinking about while sipping your cappuccino and looking outside the café window?

Tree Sky

The one that feels like it’s always just a little off in the distance? The one that you’d pursue if only . . .

  • You had more time
  • You had more confidence
  • Your photography was better
  • Your writing was better

Yah, that one.

Pursue it. Take one small step toward that dream every day. Because if you move toward your dream, the universe will respond with abundance. I promise. It really will.

Patch of sky

Today, I got an email telling me that a photo essay and article I pitched is getting picked up!

I’ve been trying to get into this magazine for nearly two years. And today, one of my stories finally got selected.

Now, before you get the wrong idea that my professional life is all teacups and roses, let me tell you some of the back story:

  • I’ve been emailing this journal for almost two years.
  • Sometimes my emails were answered, sometimes they weren’t.
  • Sometimes there’d be a little interest; sometimes there wouldn’t be any interest at all.

Today, I’m reminded that if you have a dream, then keep at it. I’m not saying that you should be annoying and continue emailing once they’ve turned you down. That’s just rude.

But what I am saying is this: If you have a dream, work for it.

Build your network. Create beautiful work. Hone your craft. Go to sleep at night thinking about your life’s work and goals. Roll up your sleeves, and pitch another story. Send another email. Make better work. Do it all until you hit that summit.

So for all of you fellow dreamers out there, dream big. Work hard. And watch the universe respond with abundance.

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