Hi Friends,

I’m so glad you’re here.

You know that sound your tea kettle makes? That high-pitched, slow-building song that tells you that it’s time for tea? Yah, that one.

Well, it’s mid-February so we are in the deepest, coldest part of winter. Which brings me back to the tea kettle. It’s become my constant companion on these cold, February nights.

Cereal Magazine

I’ve made a few rules for myself lately.

They’re rules like these:

* Rule Number One: Don’t work past 8:00 pm.

* Rule Number Two: Do One Thing You Love (that is just for yourself) Every Day.


Provencial Magazine

Nothing’s better than holding that hot, steaming cup of tea in both your hands. Turning on the heater full blast and facing it toward you. And then settling in with something inspiring to read.

I don’t want to be stingy, here.

So I thought I’d share what Good Reads I’ve accumulated this winter.

* * *

1. Cereal Magazine:

This boutique travel journal alway inspires me. The photography is gorgeous. The writing is stunning. And, really, I just want to hang out with it’s Editor In Chief, Rosa Parks. I’m pretty sure that we’re soul sisters and that if she knew me, she and I would share the most amazing coffee hour chat ever. It comes out twice a year — and if you’re lucky enough to find back issues, this is one of those journals that you’ll want to hold on to, keep on your shelf, and pull down any time you need a little aesthetic pick-me-up in your day.

* * *

2. Me & Orla Blog:

When I’m winding down in the evening, I typically go for tangible, printed reads. But Me & Orla has such a rich writing voice that her blog gets the exception to my “print only” rule. Two posts to dive into right now are her blog post on why she left her Speech Therapy career to launch ME & Orla and her thoughts on the Myth of Being Perfect. Add her to your Feedly feed. Your day will be much brighter because of it.

* * *

3. Provencial Magazine:

This is another high-quality print journal. It’s fairly new — the third volume comes out soon and is available for pre-order. This journal was launched by Grace Alexander who had a transformative experience in Provence, France. She came back to the United States and turned her experience into an opportunity to give the slow-life movement another sense of style and expression. I love Grace’s life philosophy; and her magazine is endlessly inspiring.

* * *

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