Let’s face it. Running your own business is hard—especially if you’re running a creative business. We have to use both sides of our brains every day. It’s crazy. We make art, we study to remain inspired, we practice our craft . . . AND . . . we do our own ACCOUNTING and WEBSITE OVERHAULING.


Nothing kills the creative self faster than the words: “YOUR WEBSITE HAS CRASHED. AGAIN.”

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To say the very least, learning how to manage the technical side of my business without killing creativity remains my biggest challenge. Honestly,  so few people talk about this. But it’s real. It’s there. And it’s a genuine threat to sustainability. Nothing leads to BURNOUT CITY faster than juggling too much for too long for too little pay-off. 

But there is also hope. When we learn to delegate or automate tasks, we regain our lives. We can go from slaving away behind the laptop for 14 hours a day down to a more sustainable workload. And the best thing? Automating tasks frees us up our creativity and allows us to hone our craft–the two most rewarding aspects of our jobs.

So this month, I’m launching a new series: Tips For Running Your Business. Each month I’ll share the tools that I have fallen madly, deeply in love with. They are the superheroes of this business; the unsung saviors of my sanity.

I hope that by sharing my experience, I can spread some love & hope to all of you out there who are struggling to juggle it all. So here they are: The Unsung Heroes Of My Business:
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THINGS APP: This App saved my life and my sanity. Not joking one little bit.

Things manages and schedules To Do items in a simple, readable format. For example, if a client emails me on a Sunday and says that she wants to order one of our photo books, I can copy and paste her request straight into Things, archive the email (to get it out of my Inbox), and tell Things to notify me on Monday when I can call my graphic designer. The result is a sparse Inbox, the peace of mind that I won’t forget, & a system that holds everything.

Who wouldn’t love an empty email inbox? Yah. This task manager is amazing. Plus, you can download a free trial. Try it. Use it. You’ll totally love it.

* * *

HOOTSUITE: Man, oh man. If you’re late getting on this train, GET ON IT! You know how ridiculous it is to be creative at 2pm on Wednesday after fielding an onslaught of emails? Or after compiling a year’s worth of receipts to send to your accountant? Yah. Totally NOT happening.

If I’m going to put together a fun and inspiring Instagram account that is fueled by creativity, that’s ONLY going to happen before the sun comes up. It’s just how I am.

Instead of fighting against this, I decided a few months ago to lean into it; I wanted to take a perceived weakness and leverage it as a strength.

Hootsuite allows me to create my Instagram posts at the wee hours of the morning. I wake up, make a cappuccino, open my laptop, and have a ton of fun thinking through what I want to post. What part of my soul and heart and life that I want to share with the world.  The result of scheduling my posts in the morning is that I have more energy and time to connect with people over IG. And this is oh-so-satisfying. (PS: Hootsuite also has a free 30-day trial!!)

* * *

These tools are worth it. Every penny they cost. Every hour(s) they take to learn. Because let’s face it – all of us would rather hang out with our cameras and a client any day over sitting in front of our laptops.

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