When was the last time you took a picture just for fun? Not to document someone else’s moment. Not to document your own moment.

But purely out of sheer JOY?

Birds On A Wire

This brings me to a very simple point: We need to play more. We need to discover & recover those feelings that first led to launching our businesses in the first place. Not caring about “likes” or “followers” or “critics.” Just snapping the shutter out of sheer joy.

Just in case you’re like me & you need a little encouragement, here’s some reasons to put away the tasks. Put away the demands. And just go play:

* because playing is fun. remember?

* because the child within us wants to show up, too, sometimes

* because seeing the world through the eyes of creativity & inspiration is AWESOME

* because it can lead to a fresh start. a new perspective. maybe even a new friend.

* because it will make your husband oh-so-happy to see that sparkle of joy in your eye

* because it will then make YOU oh-so-happy to see your husband’s eyes sparkle with joy. this is called the CIRCLE OF HAPPINESS. and it’s a totally amazing thing.

* because we’ll remember why we fell in love with photography in the first place.

Your one day of play might be the only time this week that you get to let loose. Laugh a little. Discover what makes you happy. And that, dear friend, is simply invaluable.

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