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Ohmygoodness! I love Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown. It’s been a long time since I’ve had this much fun reading. I love non-fiction, so I rarely read books that are objectively “fun” (to me, a presidential biography is a crazy amount of fun, which let’s face it, is kind of weird). But this book delivers tons of great advice and is simultaneously hilarious.

There’s so much here that I wish someone had told me 5 years ago. Like what to do when friendships wax and wane, how to stock your kitchen with all the basics, and what kinds of emergency supplies you need when traveling (Hint: bring Benedryl cream and stain remover!). But my favorite is probably her advice on how to handle “crazy mean people.” (Hint: Imagine that they are jellyfish and while they’re snapping at you, make a little jellyfish noise like BLOOP . . . BLOOP as they talk/yell. It totally works & is completely satisfying.)

I’m a pretty sensitive gal. It’s a huge reason why I’m good at my job — I quickly notice when people are uncomfortable during a photo shoot (which happens often) and I make a conscious effort to put people at ease. (But, admittedly, this happens just as often accidentally because I’ll do something like fall into a pond or trip over my toe while shooting an engagement session. This is, of course, hilarious for my clients but embarrassing for me. But it effectively evens out the “I’m uncomfortable” score. 🙂 ). But this whole being-sensitive-kind-of-thing has its serious downfall, too. Like mean people totally ruin my day and make me cry. So I tried this technique . . . and she’s right. It’s totally satisfying.  

But oh! There’s so much more good stuff in here. Like how to write killer Thank-You notes and why RSVPing is still the right thing to do. Also, she’s got terrific advice on cleaning your house, saving your money, and opening an IRA. I could go on and on . . . but really, you should just read it too. 
Happy Wednesday!

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Adulting Book Review