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I’ve been thinking a lot about daily “ritual” lately. Maybe it’s because the lovely fall season has ushered in. Maybe it’s the approaching holidays. Or maybe it’s because I’ve had my nose buried in Mencius’s writing for the past week. Either way, I’m really glad that I’ve noticed my daily rituals and the role they play in my life.

As I’ve become more aware of my own daily rituals, I’ve realized how important they are for creating a sense of beauty. Rituals give me something to look forward to each day and they add as sense of continuity to my life.

As a photographer, I’m in the habit of taking photos of everything I love: my husband, my friends, my books, my coffee . . . late afternoon sun streaming through the windows and the vibrant oranges and reds of fall trees. Through looking at all my photos of daily life, I’ve realized that this daily ritual–like drinking coffee each morning–can transform something ordinary into something more meaningful.

Each cup of coffee represents more than a burst of caffeine. These coffee cups remind me of loving friendships, adventures, and the beauty of ordinary mornings. The cup of coffee above I shot on location during Stephanie’s & Luke’s Lifestyle Family Photos Session in the Bay Area. (Two people who are great friends of ours, and I’m so happy to call our friends.)

And the coffee cup below is from the morning I spent exploring Siem Reap, Cambodia by myself. I jumped on my bicycle and peddled through the outskirts of town and found this really great coffee shop, The Yellow Cafe. I ended up going to this coffee shop nearly every day.

Best Coffee Shops Siem ReapSnow Coffee Santa FeIconik Coffee Shop Santa FeSister Srey Siem ReapBest Coffee Siem ReapCoffee Siem ReapYellow Cafe Siem ReapSister Srey Vanessa Law

Coffee with Stephanie & Luke; Coffee at Yellow Cafe in Siem Reap; Coffee during the first snowfall in Santa Fe, NM; Coffee at Iconik, Santa Fe, NM; Coffee at Sister Srey in Siem Reap, Cambodia
; Barista at Yellow Cafe in Siem Reap, Cambodia; Coffee on the day I edited photos from our Pre Wedding Session at Angkor Wat in Cambodia; Coffee date with Justin at Yellow Cafe in Siem Reap; Coffee with Vanessa after our pre wedding session in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


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