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Vanessa & Jorge are incredibly wonderful people & I feel so blessed that I’m able to call them friends. During their pre-wedding session at Angkor Wat, the two of them laughed together with a beautiful effortlessness. Among my favorite things to learn about them, though, was that they’re truly each other’s companion both in life & in adventures. They genuinely love spending time together & traveling together.

The two of them live in Australia but had planned a trip to Siem Reap & Hong Kong (Vanessa’s family is in Hong Kong). Then, they emailed me, asking if I would meet them at Angkor Wat for a pre-wedding session. Of course we jumped at the chance to meet fellow adventurers in Cambodia & in no time, Vanessa & I were connecting over Skype & setting up hair appointments & talking about her wardrobe options. But really, it was after just one email exchange that I knew Vanessa & I would get along perfectly. She’s organized, she loves photography & travel, & she loves planning things out. I knew that the four of us working together would be as natural as four peas in a pod.


On the morning of our sunrise session, the four of us met up before dawn, jumped into our tuk-tuk, and headed out to catch the rosy fingers of dawn outside of Angkor Wat. By sunrise, we were all laughing with each other & enjoying the morning photography session & how it unfolded.

What I learned about Vanessa & Jorge during our pre-wedding session at Angkor Wat was what great people they are. Not only are they at ease with one another, but they are also genuinely kind & authentic. I loved watching them interact & seeing how Jorge could bring out a smile on Vanessa’s face with almost no effort at all. And how, during our break, he ordered her coffee & crepes while she changed outfits because he knew she would be hungry. But what I loved most was watching how Vanessa’s laugh & smile would bring so much joy to Jorge’s face.


The authenticity between them seemed to spread to the others around them. It’s no wonder that the next day, Justin & I jumped at the chance to meet them for lunch. We felt that instant spark of connection & became fast friends. We delivered their photos, ate lunch, and then we headed off to our next adventures: for them, it was a wedding ceremony in Hong Kong and for us, it was back to the United States.

Soon, we’ll have the second half of their pre wedding session in Cambodia posted. We spent another few hours in Siem Reap & I cannot wait to share those photos as well. Thank you, Vanessa & Jorge, for inviting us into your lives to share this incredibly special time with you! We hope our paths cross again on another fun adventure.  **


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