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I’ve known Stephanie for more than 15 years. Back in high school, we went to the same youth group at a big church in Boise, Idaho. At the time, we weren’t close friends. But it was one of those situations where my good friends were her good friends, so our lives kept intersecting. Then, as most high school experiences go, we lost touch once our college years commenced.

Through our mutual friends, though, we got reconnected on social media a few years ago. And last summer, when we found ourselves both in San Francisco, we decided to meet up for cocktails. We went to a wine bar in Hayes Valley and a friendship instantly kindled.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was that soon our husbands met each other and then they became friends too. And anytime we get to meet Stephanie and Luke for brunch or happy hour we have a great time. They are truly wonderful people. Stephanie and Luke are warm and genuine. And I can’t be more thrilled for them to begin a new phase of their lives: parenthood.

Over the weekend, I met Stephanie and Luke at their favorite coffee shop, States Coffee & Mercantile in Martinez. We ordered coffee, I got to meet Eleanor for the first time, and then we took some pictures of them hanging out together and loving on Eleanor. Stephanie and Luke love States Coffee and come here on the weekends, so this is a perfect glimpse into their weekend routine.

After States Coffee, we went to the docks at the Martinez Shoreline, where they spend time with their two adorable beagles, hiking, and walking along the piers with Eleanor.

I’m always honored when friends ask me to take their family photos. I’m thrilled to be a part of their lives in such a meaningful way. Thank you, Stephanie and Luke, for inviting me into your lives and letting me share these family memories with you!!  <3

And thank you to the team at States Coffee for your hospitality and amazing coffee!!  You guys are the best, and I can see why Stephanie and Luke spend their weekends with you all!! 🙂

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