Destination Wedding Photographers Venice

Destination Wedding Photographers in Venice, Italy

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Venice, Italy. The very name conjures up images of gondolas, canals, and tight alleyways. Couples flock to Venice from all over the world, inspired by the city’s beauty. Because of its stunning architecture and incredible history, Venice is endlessly romantic. Of all the iconic European cities, none says “love” quite like Venice.

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And yet, because Venice is such a popular city for pre wedding photography and engagement sessions, it can be a daunting location to photograph. As an artist, I often ask myself what my personal contribution can be, especially in a place that has been photographed countless times over. How can I provide something unique and authentic for my clients? How can I give people both an unforgettable experience and memories they’ll keep forever?

Sometimes these questions are important to think through and answer. Other times, though, I find that when I show up and am true to my sense of beauty and my sense of the world, the answer emerges from the images themselves.

I see the world as a place for connection, beauty, and authenticity. The best thing I can offer my client is actually not photographs at all. After all, there are thousands of skilled photographers out there, and each one will deliver good images. I have come to realize that my unique contribution is how I craft images and how I view life & love. I want to reflect the individuality of my client. And I want to craft images for her that reflect our shared view of the world: that beauty is eternal, that there is strength in softness, and that documenting our lives is one of the most important gifts we can give those we love. 

Destination Wedding Photographers Italy

Pre wedding photographers venice italy

Canals Venice

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I want to give special thanks to everyone who helped craft these images: Scott Robert Lim for his amazing destination workshops, Fran & Patrick VonWong, John Day, & Rachael Van Harmelen. Together, we formed an amazing team.

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