Documentary Family Photography AustinOh, Baby! Spring has sprung! Bluebonnets are everywhere; tulips are blooming; and people are coming out of their winter hibernation. Texas is ready for summer to arrive.And babies!Most of you know that I’ve been dying to do family documentary photography. Truthfully, I didn’t use to think I’d be interested in family photography – until I discovered an amazing documentary photographer who works exclusively with families.Sara Quirk NeilSara Quirk Neil

She will come to your home, spend the night, and then shoot for the full day. She tells the stories of every day people, living their every day lives: the stories of love, family, work, & play.

But mostly, she gives us an opportunity to peer into the beautiful layers of the common things in life. There is a rich and beautiful story unfolding in our lives, and it often gets told in the midst of the common, mundane tasks of life. Seeing the beauty in the mundane – and then revealing it through photography – is the philosophy underpinning family documentary photography.

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When I first discovered family documentary, I thought I could never do it well. I looked at this woman’s work; every one of her images is shot on black and white film. Emotion in every image. Love and light highlighted on film. The stories she tells are complex and beautiful. I even conjured up this dream career of getting invited on family vacations (just for a day!) to do family documentary.

So it is, indeed, cause for celebration that we just shot our first family documentary session for 2015. We hope you fall in love with this little story of Neil, Sara, & Phil.

Watch the video that we made after spending the afternoon with the Quirk Family: An Afternoon With The Quirk Family.

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We are blessed to wake up in the mornings and do what we love. Thank you for all of your referrals, support, and encouragement.

Happy Spring!

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