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Have you ever had one of those months that just feels like a crazy huge amount of work? That all you’ve been doing is grinding out To Do List items?

Well, that was my December. Just lots of work, work, work.

But then . . . the huge payoff comes . . . one month later??  Well, that was my January. 🙂Wedding Magazines AustinMagazine by Camille Stalllings

I about died outside the UPS office when I picked up our studio’s magazine. This was a lot of super intense work, my friends! Days and days of graphic design, sizing and re-sizing photographs. Paper samples upon paper samples. And looking for publishers. But we finally did it!

Our studio produced our very own Austin Wedding Magazine — a complete magazine filled with our photography, tips on planning your wedding day, and inspiring advice from brides. And . . . best of all? It’s a tangible, physical testament of our lovely, wonderful, kind brides and grooms, without whom none of this would be possible. Camille_Stallings_Magazine_3

Thank you, to all our clients and friends, who helped make our Austin Wedding Magazine happen! We are already sending these out like crazy. If you’d like a copy, please email me and we’ll send you a copy!
Austin Wedding Magazines Camille Stallings Wedding Magazine

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