Camille Stallings Newsletter

Hello Friend,

January 2015 is already here. A new year has arrived on our doorstep. Unblemished; untarnished; malleable.

I’m so ready for a fresh start.

Aren’t you?

Every year during the Holidays, I take a full day to sit back, relax, and review the previous year. I look through my New Year’s Resolutions I made twelve months prior and see how I fared. What resolutions did I end up resenting and hating? Which ones did I love? And here’s the important question: Which ones actually brought joy and inspiration?

And then butterflies flutter in my stomach as I compile ideas and aspirations for the coming year.

* * *

So, here is a sampling of my 2015 New Year’s Intentions:

* Enjoy something I love everyday
* Go hang out in Europe or Asia again
* Slow down in my daily life so I’m more present, less stressed
* Have more fun, more often
* Sleep in at least once a week. Take more bubble baths. Know that who I am and what I do is enough

Once I was able to identify my values more clearly, I was able to see the difference between achievement-oriented goals and intentions that really express my values.

My values for my personal life are to be more present, more connected, and better rested. So now, my intentions for 2015 focus on getting rest, being rejuvenated, and taking actions to connect with those I love in an intentional way.

And so far, it’s going well! I’ve called a good friend or family member nearly every day for two weeks. So I feel way more connected to them than just seeing their Facebook newsfeeds. I slept in this morning until 9:00 am. And, in fact, I’m writing this newsletter in my pajamas and fuzzy slippers.

By my assessment, things are going pretty well. I feel present and alive in all the small areas of my life that bring real joy and connection.

I can feel it. A fresh start is here.

What are your hopes and dreams for 2015? I’d love to hear them.

Cheers. Happy New Years. Best Wishes.