Christmas Ornament

Today is Christmas Eve. It’s a magical day, occupying that space I call the “in-between.” It’s not quite the holiday yet, but everything has already slowed down. The pace is calm. People are mellow. You overhear the phrase “Merry Christmas” a thousand times at the coffee shop. Friends wait at tables with beautifully wrapped gifts. Anticipation and love are in the air.

And soon Christmas dinners commence.

One of the things I love about this time of year is taking the time to reflect. Another year has gone by. And, oh my. How we’ve grown. It’s funny how growth is often painful, but the results bring so much joy.

This space — the in-between — is sacred. Reflection takes time. Honesty requires courage. Courage requires faith. And faith . . .

Faith requires taking that first step.

And sometimes, that step is a step back, knowing and believing that taking a step back will actually propel you forward. Onward.

* * *

I’ll be taking a week off from blogging to create the space I need to pause and reflect. I love this time of year. I love taking that first step into the new calendar year refreshed. Focused. Excited.

So I’ll see you all again January 5.

Merry Christmas + Happy New Year.



* * *

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Merry Christmas | Happy New Year