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Last fall, my husband and I set off on another world tour. In just a few months, we lived and traveled in Cambodia, Bali, Vietnam, & Thailand.

We sailed, we slept in, we took overnight trains, we ate street food. We made friends from Italy, Germany, Australia, Thailand, and Portland, Oregon. And, of course, we took a lot of pictures. We documented nearly every moment; and we breathed in the experience so deeply, it’s now become a part of who we are.

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I’ve spent this past week designing wedding albums, family albums, and holiday cards for clients. And I had just a few moments to put together a collage of our own photographs from the year. It’s amazing how memories work. Just seeing these pictures again and instantly I can remember how perfectly chaotic the streets are. How wobbly the trains are. And how terrible all that Nescafe instant coffee is. And in the midst of it all, how I loved every moment of it. This morning I was reminded — in the midst of this busy holiday season — of how our love has grown and changed from these travels. And how I would never have traded it for any other life.

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We love Asia so much that we’re going again. And we want to take our wedding photography with us this time. We’re looking for a few couples planning their destination weddings in Bali. We’ll offer a fabulous deal to the first couple who books us. Hop on over to the “Contact” page of our website and send us an email with your wedding information. We’d love to hear from you.




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