Wow, I am so excited about flowers. I met Stella Embleton a few months ago when we worked a wedding together. We were both there for Karina’s country chic wedding at Texas Old Town.

This Austin wedding was perfect . . . the mood, the family, the friends . . . and the flowers were exquisite. Annnnddd, Stella is so friendly, it took no time before we became friends. I think that’s Stella’s secret ingredient . . . she brings a lot of joy & beauty wherever she goes.stella embleton sixpence floral austin

So when it came time for me to need a florist of my own, she’s the first person I emailed. Our studio just launched a Lifestyle Blog, The French Seventy-Five. And we’re in the midst of doing a 3-part series on designing your Thanksgiving table.

Stella designed the centerpiece. And it’s stunning. Her flowers are gorgeous; the arrangement is perfect; and she even gave us a little DIY so we can do design our own centerpieces. Jump over to French Seventy-Five and see more pictures and DIY details here: Modern Thanksgiving Centerpieces with Stella Embleton

And enjoy! You’re going to love love love it.

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Floral Arrangement: Stella Emblton of Sixpence Floral Design

Photography & Table Styling: Camille Stallings

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