Winspear Opera House Dallas Engagement

Last night was so. much. fun. We met Jennifer and Troy for the first time for their Winspear Opera House engagement session. And these two just fit together perfectly.

Oh, and they have one of the most fun relationship stories ever. They met in an airport. Troy struck up conversation. Jennifer joined in. And . . . just a handful of months later, Jennifer moved to Dallas to be with Troy. She had just finished her degree to become a Vet. And life . . . well, life just sounds so exciting for these two.

Oh, and guess what?! They’re serving breakfast for dinner at their wedding. Which means we get to eat French Toast during their reception! We can’t wait. And for more reasons than just french toast & orange juice. We’re so genuinely excited that these two found each other and that we get to be there, behind the scenes, on their wedding day.

Here’s just a few pictures from last night! More to come next week. Enjoy! And wish them all the best in the comment section below. 🙂


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