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A few weeks ago, the camera bag I’ve been wanting for over a year arrived! For the first two years of our business, we were on a serious budget. And we still are; we put nearly every penny we earn right back into supporting the business. We love to create a comprehensive customer experience because we value each client. After all, we couldn’t do what we love without our amazing clients!

Since we’ve focused so much on the sustainability of our business, we didn’t spend a lot of money . . . looking . . . stylish.  But we finally reached a point where our cheaper camera bags just weren’t good enough. We needed more room to carry large lenses the day of a wedding. And, plus, we wanted a bag that served the dual purpose of functionality and keeping us looking good on wedding days.

These Ona Bags are a life-saver. I could go on and on about their functionality, but what’s better is how cute my husband looks! This is technically my bag, but I’m so glad I got a bag that he can carry for me and look good carrying it.  One of the perks of marrying a southern gentleman is he enjoys carrying the bag + lenses while I get to take pictures (mostly of him, since he’s my fav subject!).

Want to see more Ona Bags? Here’s the link: Ona Bags. And I promise, this isn’t a promotional post. I just genuinely loooove this company. Enjoy!
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