wedding flowers austin One of my favorite looks is white on white. It’s far from simple. It’s elegant, refined, and classic. Just about any time I’m able to get a great white-on-white look, I’m in love. That’s why these images from Wedding Chicks’ White Flower Guide got me so excited. Not only do I love the minimalist approach to photographing the flowers, I love the idea of an all-white bouquet. (Note: I rarely post pictures here that are not my own, so it’s important that I point out these images are on Wedding Chicks’ website and are not my own images.) Wedding decoration ideas white tulips wedding bouquets Austin Wedding Flowers austin wedding flowers white flowers wedding ideasAll these images are found on Wedding Chicks! Hop on over to their Flower Guide here: White Flower Guide. And if you’re having a hard time envisioning what it could look like, here’s an example from a wedding we shot in March. She had a lovely white-on-white theme and she pulled it off beautifully (Note: The image below is mine from a wedding we shot this past spring): white wedding flowers

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