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So about 2 weeks ago, I went on a Social Media fast. I have had a super busy spring and summer shooting weddings and engagements. And I was ready to take some time off to hang out with this guy (because let’s face it, he’s my fave).

But it never occurred to me that taking time off from Social Media might be needed as well. I had just finished reading Arianna Huffington’s book “Thrive” right before our anniversary trip. And I thought, what the heck? Why not? Let’s see what all the hype about simplifying your online life is all about. So when we boarded our flight, I turned my phone to airplane mode and then kept it there. For about 8 days straight.

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And I have to admit, I get it. I read more books and news magazines (I caught up on about 3 weeks’ worth of Economists) and I went to bed on time (what!? I know. I’m old). So it was nice. It really was.

And then, when I logged back on to Facebook and Instagram, the first two posts I saw were: (1) The ice bucket challenge (I still haven’t figured out what I missed out on) and (2) The “Thankfulness” posts that are going around.

And so, while I’m happy I took a break, I’m even more happy to be back. Because I love reading everyone else’s “Thankfulness” posts; I love seeing my newsfeed full of positive, happy, and encouraging posts. It works! After reading a few of them, I sat and thought about what I am thankful for today (it sounded a bit like this: “Justin. Justin. & Justin”).

Dallas Fort Worth Wedding PhotographersSo now, even though I’m late to it, I’m chiming in as well.

I’m so incredibly grateful for Justin. After working all week for his software job, he comes and hangs out with me on the weekends. He’s there every time I have an engagement shoot to hand me lenses, help me pick locations, and pose so I can test the light.  For every wedding, he’s there to second shoot, hold my lights, and just be awesome.

He says he loves it. He loves everything about it — from supporting my business to hanging out with me (even if we’re working and I get a little bossy) to becoming friends with our clients. He loves it. And I’m so grateful to live my life — each day — with some one as wonderful as he is.

So, today, I’m reminded of just how amazing he is. Thank you, Justin, for an amazing three years of marriage. I love you.


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