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This is a little Anniversary Post to my husband, my best friend. Fellow traveler. And fellow photographer:


I’m so glad I found you. I never could have guessed that when I moved to Austin in 2008, that I would find the love of my life.

They say that opposites attract. And I suppose, to some extent, that must be true. You love living by your calendar. I am happiest when nothing is planned. You grew up in Texas so trees and mountains make you feel claustrophobic; I grew up in the Northwest so huge pine trees and mist-covered mountains make me feel happy & content. You wake up early, energetic and excited about life. I need 30 minutes alone with a cup of gourmet coffee before I’m even willing to consider being an agreeable person.

And while I will certainly agree that some of our differences make it easier to live together (I can’t imagine waking up to someone as grumpy as I am in the morning . . . ), it’s what we have in common that brings so much joy & adventure into our lives.

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In our first 3 years of marriage, we’ve lived and traveled in 13 different countries, spanning from Southeast Asia, to China, to Australia, to Europe. And while we have loved every minute of our mountain treks and overnight trains, the best adventure is the one that takes place between us. In the quiet mornings together. In the evenings at the pool.  In all the late-night talks over a bottle of wine.

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And while it’s easier to point to the tangible adventures we’ve shared, it’s the adventure of learning who you are on a deeper level and falling in love with you more & more each year that is the real joy of my life. And that’s where what we have in common is so much greater than our small differences. We both want the same things out of life & love.

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Thank you for sitting patiently while I drink my coffee. Thank you for going to the pool endless nights in a row so I can swim. Thank you for laughing at my not-so-funny jokes. And thank you, most of all, for your loyalty & your kindness.

Oh. And thank you for finding my favorite little villa in the entire world: The White Villas in Ubud. I still think about that place often and long to go back, to have those quiet mornings and long afternoon swims in the pool.

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Thank you, for going through this life with me. In this trip to Seminyak & Ubud last year, we found each other all over again. The day cruises and White Villas were stunning. But the highlight of the trip was the endless hours of time we spent laughing, napping, swimming, and drinking wine. Thank you for living this life with me.

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