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Good morning!

I woke up extra early this morning and headed straight to Seventh Flag Coffee on South First. It’s becoming my new favorite place to work. They have tons of picnic tables outside & people bring their dogs to hang out. Between that & their espresso, I’m pretty much sold on this place.

Tonight we have our book club meeting. We’ve been reading The People In the Trees. It’s creepy & weird. But also really interesting. In just a little over 1 year, our book club has changed a lot. We’ve gained some new people & lost some who were dear to our hearts. And now we have a solid little core group of us & our gatherings have become something I look forward to more & more each month.

Also, I’ll be posting a really lovely engagement session we shot last week. We’re shooting their wedding next September; they are so happy & so in love. We’re so excited & thrilled for them!

I have an easy, delicious summer recipe coming . . . and a special blogpost for our anniversary! That’s right. The best part of this week? On Thursday, Justin & I are celebrating our third anniversary. We’ve been together for five years now & these last five years have been the best of my life.

I hope your week is starting off well!


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