bedroom interior design orange

With some of our busiest summer weeks now behind us, I’m going to take the time to enjoy a Saturday morning lazing about in bed.

Typically, Saturdays are our busiest days. There’s weddings to shoot, parties to attend, or laundry to do. But we had a few cancelations this weekend, which means I’m spending the morning in bed. With a cup of coffee and a book. I’ll probably go for a quick swim and then take a nap. 🙂

This picture is from our little Villa in Bali; I just loved the way they decorated our little house there. If I don’t end up reading my book (I’m reading The People In The Trees for book club right and it’s really good!), I’ll be reading design blogs for inspiration & ideas. We’re getting ready to move back into our house this fall . . . which means time for renovations and decorating!

Bon Week-end, everybody!