wedding photographers portland oregonI know that we’re all supposed to be a little down on Mondays. You know, the weekend is over. Friends have disappeared from our porches and hidden away inside their cubicles. The alarm clock woke you up again with it’s annoying beeping noise.

But I’m actually really excited about this week! I’m on my 6th straight day of exercise (I’m trying a new habit: do one type of physical fitness activity each day) and I’ve finally decided to quit complaining about the heat and embrace it. I’m now spending my evenings either in the pool or reading next to the pool. And this weekend, even though it was hot and muggy, Justin and I went out and played tennis. It only took an hour to get exhausted from running in the heat. But it was also a lot more fun than hiding from the Texas heat!

We also have a fun engagement session this week! She is in nursing school full time and he is a former pro baseball player. So we’re taking the cameras to a baseball field. One of the things I love most about working with couples is how unique each love story is. And how fun it is to meet and connect with new clients.

Later this week, I’ve got a great summer recipe for the blog, Jennifer’s bridals session, & a book review!

I hope your week is off to a great start, too!




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