Ferry Building Farmer's Market

Justin and I spent the month of June in San Francisco. Usually when we go to the City, it’s just for a few weeks at a time. So spending almost 5 weeks in San Francisco was wonderful. Best part? I was in Foodie Heaven. The whole time. About twice a week, I’d go to the Ferry Building farmer’s market. I got to know some of the local farmers (who are really friendly and gave me recipe tips) and they encouraged me to try strange things, like multi-colored beets and weird radishes. I loved it.

Probably my favorite ritual that developed was getting the farmer’s market early on Saturday before it got crowded and busy. I’d get a Blue Bottle Coffee and an almond croissant from Acme Bakery. Then, I’d wander out and find crazy weird things, like little baskets with 10 different mushroom varieties and Chinese long beans.


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Here’s some fun ideas for farmer’s market finds:

1. Flowers: decorate your home with fresh flowers from the market. What’s really fun is to decorate with seasonal flowers. It might help you get out of your “pick up a bouquet at Trader Joe’s” rut. 🙂 Plus, you’re supporting local farmers, which is always terrific.


2. Blueberries: I love sprinkling blueberries & cinnamon on my Greek Yogurt in the mornings. They also make for an amazing desert after dinner, all by themselves.


3. Kale: For fourth of July, we went to a BBQ and our hosts lightly grilled Kale and then tossed it in Olive Oil and salt and pepper. It was a great variation on my typical kale salad and perfect for a BBQ veggie.


4. Gazpacho: A few weeks ago, I went to a friend’s house for a Ladies’ Luncheon and our hostess had made an amazing Gazpacho. She collected all the ingredients at the farmer’s market. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a cold summer soup. She paired it with grilled salmon and a kale Caesar salad. She added a light French Rose to the menu, and it was perfect!


Bon Week-end, everyone! 🙂

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