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Last week was a pretty great week.

First, on Monday:

Justin and I got to shoot an engagement session with Ellen and Travis (who are two of my most favorite people EVER). We met at the Palmer Events Center in Austin and hung out in the parking garage.

Afterward, the four us went out for dinner and drinks. (Um, my burger had brie & bacon on it . . . ohmygod). So it was just the best way to end an already really fun evening. (Side note: Justin and I had been rooting for Ellen and Travis to get engaged since last year’s 4th of July BBQ. Ever since that night, I couldn’t stop talking about how much I hoped these two would get married. So you can imagine how it’s even more exciting to get to take their engagement pictures!)


Second, on Saturday:

Todd and I shot Ellen’s brother’s wedding. So last week was all about the Bonds. And it was just so wonderful. I can’t even explain how thrilling it is to shoot friends’ weddings or engagements. I always have way more fun shooting than being a guest. I rarely get cake (I always forget to grab a piece before I leave) and champagne is off limits (on the job), but I always think I get the better end of the deal. I get to be there all day, behind the scenes, hanging out with friends and meeting their families. Seeing tears; putting out fires; hearing everyone’s excitement. And, of course, laughing at how crazy silly groomsmen are (I think it’s a prerequisite for getting picked as a groomsman).

So here are just a few pictures from Ellen’s and Travis’s engagement session. A big “thank you!” for choosing us. And we just can’t wait for the wedding day!! 🙂


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camille stallings photography

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