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A few weeks ago I wrote about being thankful in ordinary life, for ordinary things. I had recently watched a TED talk on happiness and thankfulness. Since then, I’ve tried to stop what I’m doing each morning and write down my “three gratefuls” for the day. They can be thoroughly simple like the rainy day and your delicious cup of coffee. Or they can be a major life event, like the relief you feel that your Dad made it through surgery OK.

The point is to slow down and focus on all the beauty, love, and connection that surrounds us and to stop training the brain to look for the problems to solve.

So this past week I was thinking about how grateful I am for all my amazing clients. And not just about how each new Bride has furthered my business goals — that thought really wasn’t on my mind at all — no, I was grateful for their willingness to join with me and connect. Chat with me on Facebook or Instagram, share some of their life’s story, and just genuinely be a good human (which is no small feat). I’ve always felt so blessed to have such amazing clients.

USB drive packaging ideas

Last week I set up my outside studio and hand-painted all of my gift boxes for my clients eagerly awaiting their USB drives in the mail. So while I was listening to Billi Holiday (I always indulge in Billie Holiday while Justin is out of the house 🙂 ) and enjoying an evening glass of wine, I was painting and putting together clients boxes. And my heart was filled with gratitude for all of my 2014 clients who’ve helped make this such a fun and exciting spring.


Wedding Photographers Austin   And at the end of the evening, I was reminded just how important it is to take the time to say, “Thank you.” Those two words can go such a long way, in any relationship. <3

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