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The past few weeks have been really busy in the studio! And I’m feeling incredibly blessed that so much work has come my way. I remember when I first drafted my dream to become a photographer. I was so scared of . . . failure. Which, when you think about it, is really quite silly. Who cares? Isn’t it better to step out  and test yourself? See what you’re made of? Discover what you’re capable of?

So when I got my first weekend off in about 3 months, I was ecstatic. We had good friends visiting from Boston. No weddings to shoot. Just slow mornings drinking coffee with friends and feeling the cool morning breeze waft in from the balcony.

On one of those mornings, I was the first one awake. So I baked some scones for our guests and made some Blue Bottle coffee. Then I finally got the chance to open Volume 11 of Kinfolk Magazine. I just loved the article Man About the House, an interview with designer Sir Terence Conran. (Check out his work — he’s amazing!)

This comment from Sir Terence Conran got me thinking about how really good design relates to really good photography:

“My generation believed that good design could
improve the quality of life for everybody
because it gives you pleasure and makes life
better through products or buildings that work
well, are affordable and look beautiful. Good
design is enduring and moves with the trends
but is never held hostage by fashion or novelty.
Think of a classic leather club chair, a pair of
good shoes or an old pair of Levi’s: These items
look as good today as they did 50 years ago.”

Sir Terence was talking about design and what it takes to make a home that endures through trends. And those things that bring quality to a space and to  your life. And I realized that he articulated exactly what I’ve been thinking about photography: How I strive to create enduring images for my clients. Images that are classic, not trendy; images that adhere to elegant lighting patterns and timeless posing. I do all this for my clients because I really do believe that high-quality photography brings so much pleasure to our lives. They are memories and touchstones. They capture a moment of our lives in a specific time and space, but they also capture the essence of our lives.

Thank you, to all my clients, who’ve invited me into your lives this spring. I hope your images bring you great joy for years to come. And remember: print your images! Get them off your computer and onto your wall. That’s where you’ll get the most pleasure from them: by walking past them each morning on your way to make your daily cup of jo. 🙂

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