Saint Frank Coffee

Every time I come to San Francisco, I fall more and more in love with it. I love waking up, taking a walk, and hearing the seagulls. It reminds me of the time I lived in Cannon Beach. I love the coffee shops because they remind me of when I lived in Eugene. And I love walking around the city because it reminds me of how freeing it was to use the Metro in Beijing and DC (translation: I’m not a huge fan of driving!).

I also love exploring a new place with Justin. And even though we live in both cities, because The City is so expansive, it always feels like a new weekend brings a new discovery.

*   *   *

Here’s some highlights from last week’s trip to The City:

1. I attended the BlogShop workshop! Ohmygod. Amazing women doing amazing things. Wonderful design all over. And Angela and Bri are . . . well, amazing. I definitely recommend the workshop for anyone wanting to jazz up their blogging and design skills. And if you’re a novice photographer, they have some great PhotoShop tips for retouching your images.

2. I certainly judge a neighborhood by its coffee shops. Saint Frank Coffee. Go there. It’s one of the best coffee shops in San Francisco.

3. Pretty Things: What can I say? There’s pretty things like this all over the place. I found this on my walk home from an evening out with Justin.

4. Puppies. I still want one. And this one let me take its picture and pet her. She was so incredibly cute that Justin started to think about getting a dog too . . . PROGRESS  . . .

5. Big Windows. Did you know that San Francisco has the highest concentration of bay windows of anywhere in the country? I’d move here just for these windows. They make for a great space to read and drink your evening wine.

6. Potrero Hill: This was my first time in Potrero and I loved it. The BlogShop workshop was in an adjacent neighborhood, Dogpatch, so Justin and I got up early and had breakfast in Potrero. I loved it. We only had one morning to spend there, but we found two great places: Farley’s Coffee and Plow (eat there for breakfast!!).


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