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I love it when a client becomes a friend. When the chemistry is just so good, so fun, so magical that a two-hour shoot launches this whole new connection with new people. It really is my favorite thing about my job: meeting people who are in love and have so much joy in their lives. I could write a lot about how Kendra and Precious kept making me laugh. But you can see it for yourself in their images. They kept making each other laugh. When we finished the shoot, Justin and I looked at each other and both said, “Wow. We’re going to have so much fun at their wedding!”


creative engagement session

When I first met Kendra and Precious (over Skype), they told me about how they first met. When they first realized they liked each other. And how happy they are to have found each other. It was obvious during that first Skype conversation that these two women really love each other. And I’m just thrilled that they’ve invited me to be a part of their wedding day.

We started off the engagement shoot at Sundance Square in Fort Worth. Justin and I walked around for awhile looking for a unique spot for them. And we found this amazing water fountain just adjacent to Sundance Square. As soon as we saw it, I just knew it’d fit their personalities so well.



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Lesbian engagement session

Sundance Square Fort Worth Engagement

And then there were some quiet moments, too . . .


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And then we broke off to take individual portraits of each of them, which was really fun. Because each of their personalities got a chance to shine through:


Fort Worth Engagement Session

Really, there were so many great images of Precious and Kendra. This Fort Worth engagement session was just amazing. Here are a few more of my favorites from our session.

engagement session sundance square

lesbian engagement session dallas

lesbian engagement sesison

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And they brought this beautiful chalkboard sign as a prop for their session:



Oh, and did I mention that it was really windy that day?! We’re talking winds up to 20 mph. It was crazy. But all of us just went for it. Here’s some of my favorites that capture the mood and the windy part of the day:


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photography gay weddings

After Sundance Square, we made our way to Trinity Park. This engagement session at Trinity Park in Fort Worth was gorgeous. Here’s my favorite picture of the two of them:

Trinity Park Engagements

And then at the very end of the session, we brought the whole family together. Kendra, Precious, their son Kyan . . . and Journey (of course!) . . .


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Gay family portraits photographer

Thank you, Kendra, Precious & Kyan for bringing Justin and me along with you! We can’t wait for your wedding!


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