So . . . I fell in love with Cambodia. The red dirt. The elephant pants I wore. The street food & cafes. All of it was amazing and perfect. Even though we only intended our four-month sabbatical to be just that — a sabbatical — we fell in love with it so much that we’re wanting to take our business with us next time. So we are looking for a couples wanting a destination wedding in Asia: Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, or Bali. After shooting for a few years in the States, we’re ready to take a few months abroad for destination weddings in Southeast Asia. So! We will offer a great deal to the first couple to book us!

And now?! Enjoy a little glimpse into our trip:

Justin and I woke up early in the morning. The air was crisp and just the right kind of chilly. All I needed were my thin elephant pants, a tank top, and a scarf. By noon, the air would start to feel a little thick with humidity. But by evening we had the perfect weather for an end-of-the-night Chang beer with our hotel neighbors (who were super cool, by the way).







Sometimes the world provides unexpected gifts, which is nice because a lot of times life can just feel like a struggle. So when the world gives your mind and soul a respite from thinking and trying to figure it all out, it’s truly a gift. That’s how I felt in Cambodia. There were no questions for my mind to work through. I had no deadlines. Instead, we just were. We spent time together. We made friends. We met amazing locals. We were fully present in the moment.






The truth is, Justin and I are fairly accustomed now to Asia and, often, it feels more comfortable to me now that living in the States. But Cambodia was even more comfortable and amazing than any other part of Asia I’ve stayed in (Thailand is the runner up). And riding our bikes on the red dirt and approaching Angkor Wat is an experience I just can’t put into words. Still, nearly six months later, I have no way of describing the immensity of the building. Its regal simplicity. Its history. Its serene presence amongst the woods and the trees.










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