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Friends! It’s been all work and no play around here. We’re talking about not having a single day off in probably six weeks!

What?! Exactly.

So I’m declaring Wednesday morning a Holiday. I’m taking time for me. Besides, our book club pick for April is Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald and since I chose the book, I need to start reading it!

And we all know F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda were into . . . um taking time off. So in honor them (and some kind of work-life balance) I’m reading for an entire hour this morning while I slowly drink my coffee. Once I get a few good hours of not thinking about work, then I’ll get back to work. Bur first I’m going to clock out and spend the rest of the morning on the couch reading about the Jazz Age.

When summer starts to approach I always like returning to Hemingway and Fitzgerald. I don’t know why. Maybe because I’ve always read their works while on summer breaks. And their novels certainly remind me of my youth (what? did I really just say that. Yes, my youth . . .).

So if you’re feeling the mid-week fatigue . . . join me in closing your laptop and finding a spare hour or to take off and recharge.

What do you do to find work-life balance? I’d love to know!


*   *   *

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