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Pause for a moment. Order your tea. Get quiet in your soul. Observe. While everyone else is busy tapping on their keyboards or scrolling through their phones, just sit. Just sip. Pursue the art of contemplation. Remember what the world was like when connection meant a common meeting place? A conversation. A real phone call that lasted 2 hours.

Listen. In that quiet place, what stirs your soul? What work are you doing that drains you? Which people in your life take and do not give? What moments or contexts do your find yourself in that make your soul come alive? What do you love?

I’m making some hard decisions lately. Where to live. What kind of work to do. These little questions have birthed a whole slew of off-shoot questions: Is the Camille of 2009 so very different from the Camille of 2014? I thought she was. But then a friend reminded me that I take “me” with me wherever I go. And that was a nice thought. The things that gave my soul wings so it can take flight in 2009 are the very same things that still grow my soul in 2011. So in the midst of big, adult, complicated decisions that must be made . . . I’m reminded that what gave my soul life and love and happiness in 2009 is exactly the same as it is 2014. I have a feeling that they’ll be the same in 2030, as well. And living in a world where everything seems to be changing so darn quickly, that’s a nice thought.

And so, this little thought from Elle Decoration’s Editor (a truly amazing writer) gave me pause this morning:

“But pause a moment: making decisions is not the same as subsequently being attached to a specific outcome – that’s control, which is rooted in fear. In short, you can only see clearly when you surrender to things not necessarily going the way you intended. Such is the splendid irony of life!”


ONWARD, we go. Into the unknown to love and live and succeed and fail. But most importantly, to live.

And, hopefully, to learn something grand along the way.

*   *   *

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