CASHMERE. I love the feel; I love the look; I love the classic style of it. As soon as I walked into Jessie Black’s boutique on Sacramento Street, I
instantly knew I had found a kindred spirit. Jessie’s love of fine design, luxury, and classic style is the essence of of her San Francisco boutique.

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Everything is, of course, curated and hand-picked to fit her aesthetic.

sacramento street san francisco

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The fabrics and textures are just amazing . . .


san francisco designers


And what boutique is complete without the touch of Italian design and French lotions?

sacramento street

Rue De Marli lotion

A designer is one who cares about the details. The colors, the textures, and the art on the walls. I wanted to buy this painting before Jessie
and Carla finished hanging it up.

jessie blackJessie_Black_Sacramento_Street_19

Clean lines. Negative Space. Composition. I love the feel of this living room set up.


And Jessie? Well, she’s gorgeous and talented. This sweater is from her own line of clothing. It’s the next thing on my spring shopping list.
I love the color, the texture, and the classic look.

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