Darling Magazine

I’m loving this letter from the editor of Darling magazine so much
I just had to share it. Finding moments of solitude is a difficult
endeavor — and whether we want to blame modern technology or the human
condition — this is a great reminder to us all that beauty and serenity
can be found in the quiet, “uncluttered space” of solitude. I hope you
find as much inspiration from this as I did…

* * *

From The Editor:

“A clarity, a quieting of pure simplicity descends upon us in winter,
as if the thousands of carefully crafting crystals falling in unison
whisper: “silence and ease,” as they paint a beautiful array of white
upon white–a reminder to us that less is truly more.

In this uncluttered space we are reminded of how far we’ve wandered
and are invited to put away our personal adornments and ask, “Who am I?”
once again.

We may find a mixture of fear and strength, sadness and delight, unrest
and peace, as each woman fights her own war. But the beauty is found in
daily grace, where we pick up our own brush, dip it in white an repaint the
canvas once more. It’s in this place of messiness and renewal that we learn
to see our core and stand in awe of our pure humanity, a miracle and a gift.”

— Sarah Dubbeldam,
Darlin Magazine