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Sometimes I ask myself a lot of questions. Like why
do I take photographs? What are the aesthetics of
beauty? Usually, I ask all of these questions (and
more) before 7:00 am. Maybe it’s my coffee; maybe
it’s all the Kant I had to read in grad school. But
I do know that as an artist, I must understand
this world. The people that surround me. And what
the parameters of beauty are.

And then something like this happens. The questions
get answered, not in my head or in a book, but in an experience.

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I got to hang out with Rocio and Jesse last weekend.
All these images were shot after the session ended.
We had worked hard, laughed a lot, and become friends
in the course of this Galveston engagement session.

But then, when the sun had set and we were done, I said
real quick let’s feature your jewelry.

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And then I got
to see this. Love. Happiness. True joy between Rocio and Jesse.

I can’t wait for their wedding. They just love each
other so much. They fit together, so well. Just look at them:

Houston Engagement Photographers

So, on those mornings I’m wondering about the aesthetics
of beauty, I can remember that it doesn’t actually exist
in the image itself, but in the people in the images.
In relationships and love like Rocio’s and Jesse’s.

Thank you, Rocio and Jesse, for showing me who you are. 🙂

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