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The thing I love about inspiration is that it comes from so many different places. And sometimes, it makes an appearance unexpectedly. A perfect cup of coffee makes us remember the perfect coffee date with an old friend; a smile from a random stranger puts butterflies in our stomach; or that instant connection with a new friend inspires us to continue pursuing our dreams.

10 years ago, I would go to my friend Summer’s house after work and we’d open a bottle of wine, cook dinner, and sit and look at fashion magazines. Sometimes, we’d cut out our favorite outfits, looks, and models and paste them into notebooks. Anything that inspired us or sparked our imagination. Anything to give me respite from the looming 2-year Greek exam…

In 10 years a lot has changed. Now I Google, Pinterest, Instagram, or read blogs. And there’s a lot of inspiration out there on the Internet.

But this month, I’m going old-school! I’m going to flip through my old favorite magazines before Googling or Pinteresting. Something about this History of Photography class is reminding me that there’s a lot of amazing work out there that’s not landing on social media pages. And it’s totally got me inspired from unexpected places.

What’s inspiring you right now? I’d love to know . . .

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