Hey, big shout out to all the guys hanging out at Jo’s on South Congress last Thursday!

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We had our first Photojournalism assignment: Go up to six people you don’t know and convince them to pose for a portrait.  This assignment is supposed to force the photographer out of her comfort zone, which is funny because convincing people to pose for me is something I do for fun. My last day in Cambodia, I walked around Siem Reap pointing to my camera and miming, “Can I take your portrait?”

But I admit, this is a little more difficult in America. If you don’t do it well or have the right smile on your face, people will think you’re weird and wonder what you’re up to. Last Thursday was the day of the formidable ice storm in Austin, so there were only seven people hanging out at Jo’s. Six of them said yes! So I got this little collection of portraits, which I love. And I even made a barista-friend in the process.

austin photographer

austin portrait photography

coffee and cigarettes

austin street photography

jo's downtown austin portrait

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