For the past several months I’ve had a secret obsession: I’ve been poring over design blogs and magazines. I wake up in the morning and instead of reaching for Rilke or some other great poet from the past, I start scouring interior design blogs. Maybe it’s all the travel. I tend to want to nest and redecorate my living room while I don’t have one, and then as soon as I get another living room, I’m planning our next 3-month travel plan and looking for deals on storage units. It’s confusing. Just ask Justin.

However, this time, I think it’s for real. Because we’re back in Austin and I’m still poring over interior architecture magazines and design blogs. And I’m giddy whenever a friend emails me and asks me how to decorate or liven up a living room or kitchen. And then I get to send pictures I’ve collected and online paint samples . . . you get the idea. It’s really fun.

And so I got inspired to start “Style Statement” as a regular feature for this blog; an informal space for talking about the decorating I’m doing or the inspiration I find and want to share. It’s amazing how much affinity design has with photography: you have to think about composition, color, balance, light and so many other things to create a ‘feel’ for a particular space.

So this is my inaugural “Style Statement” column: White on White, which is a look I’m really loving these days! It’s amazing what you can do with this fresh look. And it so quickly brightens up a room. Also, white on white is far from boring. In fact, it’s bold. It can lend a regal feel to the room while maintaining a relaxed and calming space. Also, it works with just about any style from minimalist modern to rustic or romantic.

For this piece, I chose a rough texture to offset the monotony of all the other smooth surfaces in the room. Our temporary apartment  (which came already furnished) has a lot of glass tables and smooth wood furnishes. So I wanted to mix it up with this old-world style vase. Plus, I am beginning to collect the handful of items I want in my new living room (as soon as I get one). And the old-word texture of this vase will be perfect.

The older I get, the more I believe in curating. Curating your closet, your kitchen, your photo album, and your home decor. I already can’t wait to purge the storage unit and only have a handful of carefully picked items. It’s sort of like anything else in life . . . I want quality over quantity.

I hope you enjoy! And I’d love it if this became a place for other people to share inspiring photos or blogs. So comment below if you have some design inspiration to share!

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