So Pai, Thailand is this little hippie town in Northern Thailand. Although I’m the farthest thing from “hippie” in my style or sway, I did feel at home walking by all the people with dreadlocks and sweatpants. It made me laugh when we saw a myriad of VW vans drive by. It’s nice to know that the Twinkie Van is, indeed, a universal symbol of the hippie life.

And, so, I quickly fell into my old habits from my Eugene days. Habits like getting my morning coffee in my cute Asian sweatpants and polkadot sweaters and fluffy scarves.  And looking out my window in the morning and enjoying the gentle layer of fog over the mountains. The air was crisp in the morning and the people were friendly.

And on our last morning in Pai, a group of French Anarchists sat down at the table next to ours, which made me feel even more like I had been transported, somehow, back to Eugene, Oregon. Nonetheless, all the great things associated with Eugene were also in Pai. Like delightful French restaurants. However, this is Thailand, so there were lots of street vendors and beautiful scenery all over the place.

For the most part, Justin and I just enjoyed being present and in the moment while in Pai. But one day I did take along my camera and discovered that Pai is quite photogenic . . . 

Each day we went to Cafe des Artist for coffee and omelets. It’s definitely the prettiest cafe in all of Pai. They got all the details right: the espresso was rich and thick, the omelets were served with a french salad, and decor was a combination of rustic French country and elegant.

cafe artist pai thailand

restaurants pai thailand






And here’s all the lovely details we walked by on our first evening in Pai. I kept thinking, “Oh! this would be so cool to do an engagement session in Pai!” I mean, just look at all the amazing mise en scene!


photojournalism travel



And then of course, the street vendors. One of my favorite things about our short trip to Pai was mixing up the street food options. There was definitely a wider variety than what I’m used to in Chiang Mai. These pictures were taken in the early evening before the crowds of hungry people pile into the streets. Hardly anyone was out, the vendors were setting up, and all the colors were just amazing.


pai thailand





Ok, and finally, the Blue House. Our little guest house that thankfully had a hot shower, plenty of night time ants, and free green tea and bananas in the morning.




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