One week ago today,

Antonio and I had salads and fresh veggie juice in Nimmanhemin . . .

Antonia Reinhard Thailand

then she boarded a plane and left to go home to Berlin.

I only knew her a month, but in that short time

we bonded. Told each other secrets. Went shopping. Drank coffee.

You know, girl stuff.

In those 4 or 5 weeks that we hung out, I made a discovery:

Kindred Spirits do exist. And she is one of those rare finds.

Plus, she’s German. And the Chancellor of her country is a woman.

I mean, that’s just cool.

But seriously. My German-French-Indian yoga nights just got reduced to . . .

me and a British guy. That’s just sad.

But we’ll meet again at a cafe in Paris and it will be grand. And even though 12 months

will have passed, it will feel like it’s only been 12 hours.

I can’t wait. There will be so much to talk about.

Antonia: You are missed.