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Justin and I have two hobbies: eating and traveling.

When we visit a city, whether in the States or in another country, we like to eat like locals but sightsee like silly tourists. We can’t help it. When it comes to food, we’re quite shameless snobs. We’ll go hungry before we eat at a chain or grab a table in a tourist area.

But when it comes to tours designed for non-locals, our ears perk up and our eyes sparkle at the oh-so-sweet sound of the words “Bicycle tour through Bangkok!” or “Private food tour in the Italian countryside!” and, our favorite thus far, “Canoe tour in Phuket!”

Oh boy. So you can imagine how excited I got when I bought our tickets for the Chicago Architectural Boat Tour. I was in charge of planning our two-year anniversary trip, so I packed in a 2-day food extravaganza . . . and an afternoon boat tour along the river.

And just like any other completely sane tourist would do, we put on sunscreen and sunglasses, grabbed our cameras, and became intensely competitive about getting a good seat on the top deck.

As a wonderful surprise, our tour guide was a retired lawyer and we got way more than a silly tourist tour. We also got a history lesson on the city and a survey of architectural history as demonstrated by the particular buildings along the river. And if there’s anything I love more than food and silly tours, then it’s delving into the history of the environment I’m in.

So here are some of the buildings and details we loved the most from the tour . . . when you see the buildings with the reflections on the side, those are built in the postmodern vein of architecture and the buildings are integrating into their context and reflecting their environment. That’s probably my favorite take-away from the architectural lecture.

Enjoy . . .


Chicago architectural boat tours

Chicago ArchitectChicago Theatre


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Yanke Hotel building in chicago

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